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A Forgotten Post

I’m not sure how it all went down.  I think I just too busy and shifted the personal stuff aside.  So I’m now finally putting up a blog about Thanksgiving 2010.  Really its more about a trip we took out west and more importantly what we saw and captured.  A bit forgotten, a bit late, […]

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This post has nothing to do with photography.  Just a personal reflection and thoughts about Japan.  Sharing things that have inspired me recently. I wanted to write about this subject, just a little bit.  So many times things like this happen and it’s completely devastating, but I never feel I have the experience or knowledge […]

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Southampton Engagement Photography :: Lauren and Jim

“I never thought when I was 17 I was looking at the person I was going to marry.” This was something Lauren said during her and Jim’s engagement shoot that really stuck with me.  When they were 17 they worked at a pizza place together.  Lauren didn’t even think Jim liked her in any way.  […]

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