Engagement Photos- Ashley and Eliot

So as mentioned in a previous blog about my upcoming wedding, we’re on a budget and are doing things ourselves wherever and whenever we can.  We feel like ‘save the dates’ are important to send out too, because many people will be traveling from so far away.  But we don’t really want to have them printed and then posted, and well, with the magics of current day technology we see ‘save the dates’ via email as a better way to go about it.

We also decided to take our own photos…

Definitely not as easy as having someone else take them for you.  Probably took a lot longer than it should have done.  Probably argued more than necessary. (Not to worry, we won’t be taking our own wedding photos)  But we ended up with something that we love, and it will be fun to send out to family and friends.  It’s of our own making, and it’s another one of those things that we could do, and didn’t need to pay for.

On a 75 degree day in FL, we ventured down to our dock with our snowboards and some of our gear.  The neighbors were staring and one even asked if we actually knew how to use those things. (clearly not since we have them out and there isn’t any snow within 700 miles of us)

This is the product of our experiment.

And here is the end product.

So this was fun, and a bit silly.  But I have to say, it would have been about 1000x’s easier if we had had someone there to take the photos for us.  I think engagement photos are a fun part to the whole engagement process and leading up to the ‘big day.’  I highly recommend if you’re getting married to get them done, particularly with the same photographer that is going to shoot your wedding.  It’s a good chance to get to know your photographer a bit before the wedding and to get a bit more comfortable in front of their lens.

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Joey Lovin’ these so much right now. Your freckles and skin are so gorgeous! Can’t wait to see you and Eliot soon.

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