Southampton Engagement Photography :: Diana and Sam

Pre wedding sessions. Awesome locations. Lovely couple. And funky architecture.

Sam and Di are good friends who’s wedding we celebrated the night before we left China to move here.  A gorgeous Hong Kong wedding. But of course, we took some engagement photos a few months beforehand.

This was a little mini-sesh, we got together early one morning and explored the area around our city, Xiamen. Since being in Xiamen, whenever we would walk down to the park near the waterfront, we would go under the overpass with all the vines crawling up it, in a very ‘life after people’ kind of way.  I’ve always wanted to put a couple in a frame there.

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Starting Again

With a fresh look, and a new life! Well, not so much a new life, but a lot is changing at the moment. Firstly, we are no longer living in China. We found out in February that we are expecting a little babe in late October, so we made some plans to get ourselves a bit more settled. Although we loved our life in China and our Xiamen family that live there, we didn’t see ourselves having a baby there. We’ve always wanted to be closer to family, and after almost 9 years together we decided it’s time to make that transition and move to the UK.

This also means starting again with my business. It all feels a bit daunting. An unfamiliar place, with an unfamiliar culture, and hoping my work and my style will fit in with it all. In addition to making England my home, I’m also working to carve a place for my wedding and boudoir photography, and sometimes when I think about doing all this stuff at once (not to mention growing a baby), it makes me want to cry/hide/nap/run away from it all. But there’s also a huge part of it that excites me. Driving through the countryside, or stumbling into little English villages, I find a lot of inspiration, good energies, gorgeous light, and places I want to photograph.

In light of all these new changes, I decided my online presence needed a bit of a refresh as well. I’ve been working A LOT the past few weeks on giving my blog a new look, and am now in the process of building a new website. I want a simple and clean look for both, a minimalist approach really.  I’m finding more in more in work, and in life, I want my spaces to be free from distractions and clutter, so that the simple, important elements can really shine through.  I have a lot of new content, and some of it has never even seen the online world. So keep an eye out for that all kicking off in the next couple weeks. I’ll be sharing it all over Facebook and Instagram.

This past week I was thrilled to have my work featured on one of the top UK wedding blogs, Boho Weddings. Karl and Nicole’s teepee village wedding was highlighted. I feel honoured to have my work featured alongside so many other beautiful weddings. Check out the blog here.

I’m looking forward to updating this blog more often.  With all the changes that are happening, it will be fun to share some of them here.  If you don’t already, I share little tidbits on Instagram more often, feel free to follow me.

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Tumbling in the waves

I’ve been meaning to do a bit of an update on this blog for a while, but every time I go to write one, I’ve felt like a bit of a fraud putting up beautiful photos of things I’ve been doing, and talking about how great everything is all the time, when recently, if I’m being honest, I’ve felt pretty out of sorts. I don’t like to bring things down, and I have been doing a lot of fun stuff the past few months, but it’s also been mixed with quite a bit of emotions and uncertainty. It’s hard with social media, because connections are always surface level, and Facebook isn’t a space I feel comfortable sharing really personal things, or the downside of things. And I know I’m not unique in feeling that way. It’s very true for many people, and a lot of times we are left comparing our “every day” lives to the best of everyone else’s. I’m not advocating people start sharing woes in a public space, but I think sometimes it’s comforting to know that everyone has shit going on, and it’s not all awesome all the time.

I was talking with my best friend this morning, and “the grass is always greener” analogy came up. I’ve always been someone who struggles with this, but it’s also so true. And I feel like I’ve been on both sides of the pasture and I know how deceiving that damn green grass can be. And even somewhat knowing doesn’t make it any easier, or make things more clear.

Life just has a way of knocking you down sometimes and leaving you with a feeling of uncertainty. I know how fortunate I am in life, and the opportunities that I’ve been given. Sometimes I just wish I had a chart to navigate through these difficult times. And for the most part, I think that’s where my best friends always seem to step in. But it’s difficult when you’re so far away.

So today, I’m focusing on keeping things in perspective. Being thankful for this time I have right now, in all it’s uncertainty. It’s not the first time I’ve felt this way, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. It’s one of those down times that help make the up times so much more awesome.

I’ll try and make my next post a bit more upbeat. And apologies if I brought you down today. This has always been a space for me to speak what’s on my mind, and be honest about all things.

These images are from a VERY awesome weekend we had away. Camping on the beach and swimming in the ocean just a little ways south of where we live. I thought they might help brighten the tone.

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